There is no question that once a rider moves off the PWs and onto a full blown 2-stroke race machine, their world changes in a million ways.  Most parents don't realise the fragile transition that takes place here for the rider or the learning curve necessary for the maintenance of the bike.

In my years of experience, there is one thing that is common to all 50cc riders..

The "Throttle Blip".  You know the one where the rider goes everywhere one braaap at time. Braap, Braap, Braap, Braap with his head bobbing back and forth.  Don't worry, it goes away over time.

Basically this is brand new power and he is cranking the throttle because he loves it, but immediately letting off because he is afraid of what is going to happen next.  He needs to build his confidence with the bike and his own skills.

This only comes through SEAT-TIME.  That is time on the bike riding. Round in circles, on the track, in the pits on the trails, in the yard, around the house.... Seat-Time! Remind him that he shouldn't "blip" the throttle, but let him work it out.  It is going to take some confidence on his part, an understanding that he is going to be "ok" and a whole lot of patience on yours.  This is, however, a great time to build the relationship between you and him.  Through love, compassion and understanding.  There is no better time to reinforce the idea that you are there to have fun and start to depend on each other.  He will depend on you for everything and you will depend on him to "Try His Best". It's a slippery slope, but done right it will become your life's greatest work.

With all that said, you will need to become a professional 50cc bike mechanic overnight.  You will spend countless hours chasing throttle bog, loss of power or getting the clutch setup right.  You will navigate through a galaxy of information.  Some will be partially correct, some will just be silly.  Some information will be intentionally wrong, especially as your rider gets more competitive.  But every now and then you will receive what I call a "Golden Nugget".  This Golden Nugget of information typically makes sense right away and you are able to apply it directly to your setup with expected results.  I am about to give you probably the largest "Golden Nugget" I ever received as a 50cc Dad.  In fact, it's so good, that I hid from everybody.  Competitive advantage? Maybe.  I just felt like I had spent so much money and time and energy before I figured this out, that I didn't owe the information to anyone else.  If they asked me directly about it, I'd share what I knew, but otherwise, I would not give it away for free.  In fact I feel like this knowledge got us out of Loretta Lynns Regionals each year.  As other bikes broke or didn't perform correctly, we made it.  Not always the fastest, but you can't place if you don't finish.

Your little ripper has allot going on as he tries to get more comfortable on the bike and conquer the fears of falling down or getting hurt.  He is doing his best and that's his job, the last thing he needs is to start worrying about the bike.  You certainly don't want to let him down and that is why, like I said above, you will spend countless hours, dollars and energy to do YOUR best.

There have been whole write ups on every aspect of the 50cc bike game.  One was so good they called it the BIBLE.  Once my rider got fast and started to compete at the higher levels of the sport, I struggled to keep the bike performing.  I leaned on these publications for everything from clutch stack philosophy to fuel mix ideas.  Nothing quite like that feeling of your kiddo on the line with his buddies all hyped up to go win a moto.  Your hyped up and you give him the pep talk.  Mine usually sounded like "This is what we do, the time is now, go out there and give it all you got".  The starter points you down and the gate drops.  Your bike falls on it's face as everyone else jumps out.  Your rider gets going as the plug cleans out, but he's like 12th through the first turn.  It only takes one or two of those gate drops and you start looking for answers on race fuel, oil mixture and anything else you can find!

Well, when it comes to the 50's, heat is definitely the enemy.  MORE than any other size bike.  Why? Because of the clutch.  It's constantly engaging and disengaging.  This creates a ton of heat.  As the oil gets hotter, it stops working.  In other words as the moto goes on, it starts getting worse.  So is your rider fading at the end of the moto, or is it the bike?

I can tell you that the more I learned about the bike overall, the more I learned that almost all problems that I had with the bike were directly related to the clutch.  I have chased bog problems in the carburetor just to find out (HOURS LATER) that it was actually a clutch engagement issue.  I have chased worn out clutches with out understanding why.  I would carry two extra full clutches with me just in case.  Until I was told about this one trick, I really had no control over the bike and how it would perform on a given day.  Outside of getting the setup as best that I could, I really had no idea how it would do.  I also didn't know that most of the problems I had were related to the clutch getting hot.

The answer? TWO2COOL!  Ya, at the time, they only had an additive.  Two Ounces to an oil change and for me that's how their name came to be.  I am the last person on earth to adopt an additive or go for any gimmicks in the interest of performance.  Except for maybe stabil, I lumped all additives into the same category, a waste of money.  ABSOLUTELY NOT THE CASE WITH TWO2COOL.  Now there was more to figure out, but what I noticed right away was that the bike was very fast, very positive and ran MUCH, MUCH COOLER.  Bogs, over-revving, slipping and fading all went away.  I stopped rebuilding the clutch every week and our setups were way more predictable.  We started pulling holeshots and everything from cornering to jumping got better quickly.

Many of my motofamily would have the same negative opinion about additives, so I removed the labels from the bottle and put it in the race trailer.  Only I knew what it was so as to not have to explain it to anyone.  It was just easier that way.  What it became is a secret I continued to keep, but for other reasons.  That reason was competitive advantage.  Like most 50 Dad's, I frequently helped other guys work on their bikes.  Mostly because it seemed like I never had trouble and thus didn't need to work on my own.  I would discuss TWO2COOL only if someone else brought it up to me.  I would typically say something like "I run it and you should to" then just leave it at that.  Some people want information and some people just want to force opinions on you.  I really just like what works.  EVERY PERSON that started running TWO2COOL because of that comment, has told me thank you later.

There was one HUGE issue that you had to consider back then.  What base oil should you be running?  TWO2COOL additive will work in ANY OIL, but some oils are just better quality than others, so if you figured that out, it was THE SOLUTION!

Looking back, I think this secrecy around the product was good for those of us that were using it.  If anyone said something like "I tried it and it worked, but I don't believe all that hype about it", I would say what kind of oil are using?  It didn't take me long to realize that these people were not using a good oil to begin with.

The original developer was not interested in selling the product.  He created it for himself and basically sold it because it worked and everyone wanted it.  Eventually he sold the patents to a company that wanted to extend the product line.  While you can still purchase the additive and put it in whatever oil you want, this group created an entire solution for 50cc bikes.

ALL RACE OIL COMPANIES ARE BUILT UP with additives like anti-corrosion, anit-friction and lubrication properties.  These are PHYSICAL ADDITIVES that the law requires for oils that are offered to the general public.  Not all oils need to meet all the different requirements.  Big oil companies want a single mixture to meet several different applications because it's expensive to keep changing the blend.  This explains why TWO2COOL works in all oils, but it's better in some than it is others.

Always trying to improve their products (Like All Real Racers Will Do) TWO2COOL decided that

they could create the base oil that worked best for each of the major applications. By starting with the absolute best base oil and only adding chemicals needed for each application and not adding chemicals that detracted from the specific applications.  They created quart oil that contains their propritary TWO2COOL additive to work in all motorcycle applications.

50CC Clutch (CTF-R), 2-Stroke Clutch (RTL-2) - 2 Stroke Mix (Ester 2-Stroke) - 4stroke motor oil (several options, both synthetic and conventional) - coolant solutions (noboil or Glycol Free) - fork oil solutions (Runs cooler less fade) - chain lube solution (runs cooler improves wear) etc..



I wish someone would have passed this information on to me at the very beginning of our 50cc career, but I had to learn it the hard way!  YOU DON'T - I invite you to try it and see the benefit with your own eyes and hear it from your rider.

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